Excellence Awards South 2018

For the Seventh year in a row our region has maintained the distinction of being one of the top regions in the WORLD! BNI Southwest Florida members passed over $83 Million in closed business to each other in the last 12 months. We currently have 1,390 members in 44 chapters, with an average chapter size of 31. Today we have 500 members in attendance for these Excellence Awards. We’ve had anamazing year!

Congratulations to the this year's 5 year members.

Amy Sanislo – Goal Setters

Atanas Chergov – Goal Setters

Curt Leming – Downtown Networkers

David Orel – Neapolitan Networkers

Dean Gross – Neapolitan Networkers

Deborah Zvibleman – Catch The Buzz

Doug Conroy – Goal Setters
Eddie Suarez – Referral Links
Gina Sisbarro - Downtown Networkers

JoAnn Toppin – Downtown Networkers

Jonas Arthur – Referral Links

Joseph LoTempio – Fireside
Juan Morales – Fireside
Kevin McClary – Paradise Business Builders

Kurt Umpenhour – Downtown Networkers

Lee Angle – Rivers Edge
Lisa Lagergren – Downtown Networkers

Norman Hinspeter – Downtown Networkers 

Penny Miller-Barde – Fireside

Robin Rosario – Catch The Buzz

Ronald Coulter – Downtown Networkers

Rosana Sandoval – Neapolitan Networkers

Scott Morris – Cape Crusaders

Yolanda Shebert – Downtown Networkers

These BNI SWFL veterans have been members for 10 years.

Betsy Wilkinson - Waterside
Cathy Clement – Fireside
Debbie Dellinger-Crep – Referral Links

Frank Freeman – Neapolitan Networkers

Joel Garbus – Business Builders
John Zadrovitz – Paradise Business Builders

Karen Moore – Fireside
Mark Cox – Referral Links
Mark Ursitti – Waterside
Melissa Flexsenhar – Edison Professionals

Robert Brownlee Jr. – Referral Links
Scott Upton – Cape Crusaders

Robin Lawrence, with Fire Horse Appraisal, and a Director Consultant with BNI Southwest Florida presented the Education Equals Excellence Award, also called E-Squared. To qualify for this award a member needs to have attended all 5 of the Advanced Training Modules. As you know BNI is not a Training Organization, but it is an Organization that trains. The more we understand about 1-2-1’s, good Weekly Presentations, Power Teams, giving an excellent Feature Presentation and Referrals, the more successful we will become in our businesses.

Carolyn Leverone with Active Environmental Solutions from Fireside

Cathy Clement with Lane Insurance Group from Fireside 

Darby McElravy with Brightway Insurance from Goal Setters

Terry Carroll with Palm Coast Inspection Services from Fireside

Joe LoTempio, with Dellutri Law Group and an Ambassador with BNI Southwest Florid, announced members with Perfect Attendance. This year there were 15 members with Perfect Attendance. In order to qualify, members must have been a member for the entire year from October 1, 2017 - Sept 30, 2018. These members did not miss ANY meetings, they were not late, had no medicals, and did not have any subs.

C. Robert Brown with Twang Studio from Fireside 

Cathy Clement with Lane Insurance Group from Fireside 

David Feightner with Accent Cleaning Services from BizNet 

David Schubert with Naples Computer Solutions from Catch The Buzz 

Hunter Bloch with Annapolis First Mortgage from Cape Crusaders 

Kevin Yeager with Yeager Marketing from Fireside 

Lee Angle with Upper Cervical Health Centers from Rivers Edge 

Linda Valenta with Cleaning Head Quarters from Paradise Business Builders 

Mark Cox with Edison Auto Service from Referral Links 

Mark Gursoy with Apex Washing from Catch The Buzz 

Mark Meyer with Mark Meyer LLC from Cape Crusaders 

Michael Rambo with AM-PM Lawn Service from Downtown Networkers 

Mike Garcilazo with Sunshine Plumbing Services from Cape Crusaders 

Peter Lechler with Allstate Insurance - Denise Thoman Agency from Neapolitan Networkers 

Stephanie Meyer with Rodan + Fields from Cape Crusaders

Director Consultant Carolyn Leverone, of Active Environmental Solutions recognized the members who invited the most visitors to their chapter. Visitors are the lifeline of our chapters. Members who have worked very hard to help your chapters grow and your referrals increase are vital to our success. The following members have gone above and beyond, and their chapters are lucky to have them!

14 Visitors - Joe Troyer with US Health Advisors from Edison Professionals

13 Visitors - Susan Ostertag with CoAdvantage from Cape Crusaders

12 Visitors - Kevin Yeager with Yeager Marketing from Fireside

12 Visitors - Matthew Colla with DeVoe Buick, GMC, Subaru from BizNet

12 Visitors - Melissa Steindler with The Print Shop from Platinum Professionals

12 Visitors - Peter Lechler with Allstate Insurance - Denise Thomas Agency  from Neopolitan Networkers

Director Consultant Robin Huskey, with Florida Home Realty, announced the top five members who passed the most referrals to their members. 

587 Referrals Given

Kevin Yeager with Yeager Marketing from Fireside

569 Referrals Given

Ed Fagliarone with A-Z Pest Management from Downtown Networkers

357 Referrals Given

Nick Rinella with Bank United from Edison Professionals

312 Referrals Given

Michael Rambo with AM-PM Lawn Service from Downtown Networkers

277 Referrals Given

Lewis Worrall with Always Affordable Electric from Edison Professionals

Director Consultant Barbara Garcia- DeLucian, owner of Organize It, announced the top five members who passed the most Thank You for Closed Business to their members. This is the epitome of Giver’s Gain®. Most of these people will tell you that the ability to have reliable people they can refer their clients to, is just as important as the business they receive.


Erich Spires with Spires & Associate, PA from Edison Professionals


Joseph Abraham with ABC Electric Service from Referral Links


Kevin Yeager with Yeager Marketing from Fireside


JoAnn Toppin with Park Family and Cosmetic Dentistry from Downtown Networkers


Phillip Flannery with Pest Control of Naples from Neopolitan Networkers

Ambassadors Chris Couse, with MashGrape Technologies, and Kevin McClary, With Fort Myers Memorial Gardens announced this year's Medallion Chapters. Medallion Chapters are recognized based on the number of members. Chapters needed to maintain their size for 3 consecutive months from July 1- October 1, 2018.

Silver Medallion, 35-44 Members

Cape Crusaders          Competitive Edge

Neopolitan Networkers          Paradise Business Builders

Platinum Medallion, 55 Members or More

Downtown Networkers          Fireside

Director Consultant Burt Eisenberg, attorney with Burt Eisenberg PA, announced the Platinum Presidents. To qualify, Presidents participated in weekly calls with their Director Consultant, attended monthly Roundtable or had representation, ran the meeting according to the BNI Agenda, and demonstrated Leadership Skills that resulted in success during the year.

Amy Neaher with sklawyers from Business Builders

Dr. Rosemary Harris with Complete Well-Being Center from Downtown Networkers

Matt Colla with DeVoe Buick, GMC, Subaru from BizNet

Mellissa Steindler with The Print Shop from Platinum Professionals

Suzanne Ostertag with CoAdvantage from Cape Crusaders

Tami Carr with Mortgage One Inc. from Radical Networkers

Ambassador Dave Schubert, with Naples Computer Solutions, and Director Consultant Amy Neaher with sklawyers announced the Platinum Vice Presidents.To qualify, Vice President’s proved to be organized, and effective in managing and maintaining the Membership Committee. They entered and audited PALMS reports in a timely and accurate manner. They had open communication with the Membership Committee, Chapter Members and their Director Consultant. Along with the Membership Committee, they demonstrated skill and diplomacy in handling situations that arose within the chapter. They also displayed a positive attitude.

Angie Voit with Insurance Advisors from Radical Networkers

Betsy Wilkinson with Wilkinson Title Agency, Inc. from Waterside

Claudia Leah with Decorating Den Interiors from Downtown Networkers

Connie Galewski with Avalon Insurance Group, Inc. from Edison Professionals

David Feightner with Accent Cleaning Services from BizNet

Joel Garbus with Gator Press Printing, Inc. from Business Builders

Kara Sajdak with The Dorcey Law Firm from Referral Links

Kevin Yeager with Yeager Marketing from Fireside

Nella DeCesare with WBN Marketing from Catch The Buzz

Robin Huskey, with Florida Home Realty, and a Director Consultant with BNI Southwest Florida announced the Platinum Secretary Treasurers. The awards were based on the following: submitting reports and applications to the Regional Office in a timely and effective manner, communicating effectively with the Regional Office and Director Consultant, entering the speaker rotation in BNI Connect and maintaining accurate records.

Caroly Leverone with Active Environmental Solutions from Fireside

Cody Kellogg with RPM Rental Direction/Broadway from Platinum Professionals

Stephanie Meyer with Rodan + Fields from Cape Crusaders

​Director Consultants Robin Lawrence, with Fire Horse Appraisal, and Barbara Garcia-DeLucian, with Organize It SWFL, announced this year's Rookie of the Year nominees and winner. Each chapter submitted a name of a member who has been in the chapter for less than one year. Their nominating committee made of up the President, Vice President, Secretary Treasurer and Membership Committee chose their nominees based on referrals given,visitors brought, willingness to serve and most importantly showing a Giver’s Gain® attitude right from the first day.

Andrea Munao with Informed Choice from Edison Professionals

Bryan Bartholomew with Restoration 1 of Naples from Goal Setters

Cameron Easler with Strategic Pest Control of SWFL from Radical Networkers

Carl Lundquist with J&C Handiwork and Repairs from Downtown Networkers

Danny Camis with Cam Plumbing of Florida from Gateway Business Leaders

Dylan Geraci with First Family Insurance from Business Builders

Eduardo Valverde with Superior Steam Carpet Cleaning from Neopolitan Networkers

Josh Yelensky with Current Property Management from Catch the Buzz

Justin Fritz with doTERRA Essential Oils from BizNet

Katherine Brownell with Shemtov Title from Platinum Professionals

Kathy Stobb with Eventide Realty Services from Waterside

Katona Zito with Hulett Environmental Services from Referral Links

Kelly Jones with Coastal Pool & Property Services from Cape Crusaders

Marisa Chase with Heartland Payment Systems from Fireside

MaryAnn Crist with Cutting Edge Construction & Woodworks from Competitive Edge

Patrick Garner with Next Plumbing from Paradise Business Builders

The Rookie of the Year is chosen from the nominees by our Director Consultant based on what was submitted by the nominating committee and their personal knowledge of the nominees. This year’s winner of the Rookie of the Year for Lee and Collier Counties has raised the bar high on what can be done in a short amount of time with persistence, tenacity and the right attitude. This member has passed 101 referrals and passed $95,362.00 in TYCB in just 34 weeks weeks of membership. This member also had 3 visitors and on Oct 1st, became part of the Membership Committee. Her membership in the chapter has been a great value to her chapter.


Marisa Chase with Heartland Payment Systems from Fireside

Director Consultant Burt Eisenberg, attorney with Burt Eisenberg PA, and Ambassador Joe LoTempio, with Dellutri Law Group, named this year's Most Valuable Member nominees and winner. Each name was submitted by a nominating committee. Most of the nominees have served in a leadership position at some time during their membership. Many have been members for several years and continue to pass referrals, bring visitors, mentor new members, serve their chapters and most importantly exude a Giver’s Gain® attitude. Each nominee has been a member prior to Oct 1, 2017, but as I said most have been members for much longer.


Betsy Wilkinson with Wilkinson Title Agency from Waterside

Carmen Dellutri with Dellutri Law Group from Paradise Business Builders

Casey Byrus with Dellutri Law Group from Gateway Business Leaders

Chad Houfek with Abbey Carpet & Floor from River’s Edge

Eddie Fagliarone with A-Z Pest Management from Downtown Networkers

Elmer Edmonson with Diversified Plumbing Services of SW Florida from Fireside

Erich Spires with Spires & Associates, PA from Edison Professionals

Kara Sajdak with The Dorcey Law Firm from Referral Links

Leslie Turbeville with Accent Business Promotions from Radical Networkers

Mark Meyer with Mark Meyer LLC from Cape Crusaders

Matthew Colla with DeVoe Buick, GMC, Subaru from BizNet

Melissa Steindler with The Print Shop from Platinum Professionals

Renee Moisan with Brooks Insurance Services from Catch The Buzz

Richard Treiser with Treiser & Collins, PL from Neapolitan Networkers

Theodore Fitzpatrick with Mosquito Joe from Goal Setters

Tracy Henry with Landsel Title from Business Builders

Director Consultant Burt Eisenberg, attorney with Burt Eisenberg PA, and Ambassador Joe LoTempio, with Dellutri Law Group, named this year's Most Valuable Member. The Most Valuable Member was chosen by the Director Consultants based on chapter submissions, BNI Connect data and our personal experiences with the member. This member has been applauded by the members of the chapter for their professionalism, positive attitude, eagerness to serve and has been nominated as their Most Valuable Member numerous times. Last year this member passed 569 referrals that generated $324,205.00 in closed business, and on Oct 1st became the new President of his chapter.


Eddie Fagliarone with A-Z Pest Management from Downtown Management

Sean Leverone, Owner of Active Environmental Solutions, and the Area Director Consultant for Lee and Collier Counties announced the Nominees for Most Improved Chapter as well as the winner. Criteria for this award includes: Upward movement in the Traffic Lights, implementing policies and procedures, member growth, increase in retention, and communication with Directors.


BizNet          Radical Networkers

This chapter is the prime example of the importance of emphasizing the right culture over strategy. The chapter realized it had to make changes even if some of those changes were painful. The membership dropped to 18. The new leadership team stepped in and created a fantastic culture which has resulted in a great experience for all the chapter members. The natural consequence of a great experience has been the desire to spread the success to others and this has resulted in consistent inviting of visitors which has resulted in having almost doubled the membership over the last year. The goals presented by the chapter for the upcoming year show that the chapter wants to continue all the positive trends for an even better year to come. This chapter striving to do everything right and could serve as inspiration for chapters who are struggling and aren't sure if they can turn things around.



Nominees for Chapter of The Year were based on the following: Chapters must be in the Yellow or Green in the Traffic Lights all year. They must maintain an average of 35 or more members, and have at least 1 Million dollars in TYFCB. A willingness to work side by side with their Director Consultant, enforce policies, encourage growth and mentor their members to increase retention all with a positive attitude was also considered.


Cape Crusaders            Downtown Networkers


This chapter has not only been Green in Traffic lights all year but has in fact been Green for 23 straight months! The chapter had 100% turnout at Leadership Training including 7 Visitor Hosts, a team of 7 on the Membership Committee and dual Coordinators at the Education, Mentor, & Growth Coordinator Positions. Their focus is to ensure that every new member gets mentored and all members get the 7 month and 90 Day reviews to increase the WOW experience. While raising the bar and maintaining high standards, the chapter has also surpassed their goal of 4 Million Dollars in closed business for the 12-month term.



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