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Check out these testimonials from our Members expressing their "Why BNI".
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Joe Alaniz
Alexander Petersen
Divorce Law
Carolyn Leverone
Restoration & Cleaning
Mike Kelly
Events Venue
Jay Samoedjh
Eddie DePuye
Painting & Home Services
Michael Longo
Floral Design
Carolie Burroughs
Business Consulting
Karen Rudolph
Life Coach
Tiffany Allen
Supplemental Insurance
Sharon Cirillo
P & C Insurance
Richard Treiser
Personal lnjury Law
Kenny Brachle
Health & Wellness Products
Blake Chapman
P & C Insurance
Ashley Miklas
Health & Wellness Products
Peter Lechler
P & C Insurance
Jeff Long 
Computer Repair
Rick Holloway
Security Products
Melissa Steindler
David Fineman
Personal Injury Law
Brok Hileman
Services for Seniors
Donna Kennedy
Jaqueline Paredi
Home Interiors
David Blair
Julia Miller
Life Insurance
Loyola D'Sa
Marc Miles
Business Attorney
Michael Bales
Automotive Sales
Andre Pounds
Patti Guerzo
Business Consulting
Karen McLean
Hair Salon
Rob DeForge
Sean Stringer
Body/Mind Wellness
Carmen Dellutri
Personal Injury Law

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